Perfect Business Environment: Employee Related Correspondence Writing

Perfect Business Environment: Employee Related Correspondence Writing

The world of writing is vast and well-explored. It not only involves academic writing like offering essay writing services but also others as well. Essays, letters, reviews and so on are all related to academics. Besides these there is another form of writing which is employee related. Read more about Employee Related Correspondence Writing below.

The corporate world is much more formal and has a set pattern of writing while the employees communicate with their boss or with their co-employees as well as when the employers converse with their employees as well as with the other companies.

Employee related writing also includes the writing for job applications and the like. Therefore the employee related correspondence writing includes resume writing, curriculum vitae, covering letter, follow-up letter as well as emails. 

  1. Resume: This is written by people when they want to apply for a job. This includes the background of the person as well as his skills. A resume is comparable to a curriculum vitae in many countries but is comparably shorter than it. A resume is a personalized document that is written to suit the requirement of the particular job you are applying to. So, how is a resume written:
  • The first thing you include in a resume is your full name, contact number and the email id. 
  • Next you include the aim of you writing the resume.
  • After that you include your qualification (name of the school, board, passing year and the percentage scored)
  • Then you write down your personal details like father’ s name, marital status, nationality, gender, date of birth, etc. 
  • Following this, you must include all your jobs and internships in the resume.
  • Then write about your skills. Your skills should be according to the job you are applying for.
  • Next you write about your extra-curricular activities. 
  • You may also include certain academic projects and research paper writing done by you in case you are applying for an academic field. 
  • And in the end you must declare that all the information that you have stated is true to your knowledge. 

The writing of resumes became popular 2002 onwards and is now thriving in the employment industry. The resumes make it easy for the employer to successfully complete the first step to filter the job applications.

Walk-in interviews may be more hectic for the employers if they are doing it in the first step. Therefore resume reading can help filter applications. Also, it is noted that the resume of certain artists is longer than normal resumes.

The music and singing artists have to write about their compositions and performances, same with dancers and painters, the people from academic fields have to mention their research paper writings and other such artists have to present their solo and group exhibitions. 

Resumes can be of several types: 

  • Reverse Chronological Resume: Here the job details of the previous employment are mentioned starting from the present and going backwards. Such resumes are usually written by non-professionals. In this resume the credibility of a person is expressed because the experience gained by people and the progress made by them is mentioned. 
  • Functional Resume: This type of resume does not mention skills specific to the particular job but includes all the skills of an individual thereby showcasing his experiences and professional competency. This type of resume works well for people with less experience or for those who have tried their hand in different fields. 
  • Hybrid Resume: This is a combination of both chronological and hybrid resume. In this resume a functional list of job skills is provided along with the chronological list of employers. 
  • Online Resume: In the era of developing technologies, employers put more demand on online resumes in a decided format. This makes it necessary for the applicant to use certain keywords in his resume so that it is fast found out. 
  1. Curriculum Vitae: This is comparable to a resume but is a longer one. A CV includes all the necessary qualifications as well as the skills of a person. They are not personalized according to the needs of a particular job. In addition to the details mentioned in the resume, a CV includes:
  • Areas of interest 
  • Presentations and publications done by the person
  • Awards and honors granted to the person
  • Scholarly works
  • References (names of those who have written a letter of recommendation for you)

A CV as well as a resume need to be well-formatted in the respective formats.

  1. Cover Letter- A resume or a CV is accompanied by a cover letter that includes an introduction of yourself, mention of your skills in accordance with the job applied for and convincing points for the readers to accept you for the job. Overall your cover letter should be drafted in order to convince the reader to read your resume. 
  2. Follow-up Letter: These letters are written when you have already requested something from a company or organization and are sending a reminder asking the status of your request. This can also be written as a thankyou letter for various services offered by a company, for a job application that had already been sent or for addressing some grievance or complaint. 
  3. E-Mails: These are the most widely used modes of formal as well as informal communication. E-mails are the swiftest form of communication happening within seconds. Important to remember is that these emails should be well formatted and drafted. Also don’t forget to mention your name and contact at the end of each mail, which makes it easier for the other person to contact you in case of urgency. 

Thus these are a few employee related writing processes that are important in the world of employment. These formal write-ups should be well formatted. Remember you are no more in school or are providing normal write-ups or paper writing services. All these formal write-ups are to be well organized and written in a sophisticated language. Hope you love reading about “Employee Related Correspondence Writing”

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