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How Many Questions Come from Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents in The NEET Every Year?



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The chapter Electromagnetic induction and Alternating currents have an eight per cent weightage on the NEET exams. So, the chapter is really quite significant, so it is important that you study well for it. If you are looking for important questions, you don’t need to look that far.

Students preparing for the NEET test should study all of the major chapters of the NEET curriculum in order to achieve the best results in NEET 2020. Essential questions for NEET 2020 are one of the most dependable study materials since they cover all of the major topics in the curriculum. These significant questions are also produced by evaluating past years’ question papers and taking into account the importance of each chapter in the syllabus. Here you’ll find all of the crucial NEET physics problems from the section Electromagnetic Induction, along with their answers, so you may do better in the test.

One of the best educational academic specialists have developed these key questions based on the MCI syllabus standards. In order to improve your score, get the NEET physics- Electromagnetic Induction essential questions PDF for yourself. Let us look at some of them.

Questions & answers

  1. In a non-uniform magnetic field, a metallic wire coil remains immobile. What is the coil’s induced emf?

Answer: Since the magnetic flux coupled to the secondary coil does not vary, no emf is induced in the coil.

  • Whenever a metallic object is encircled by a coil conveying high frequency (H.F) alternating current, how does it get extremely hot?

Answer: When a metallic component is encircled by a coil carrying a high frequency (H.F) alternating current, eddy currents are formed, resulting in the joule’s heating effect.

  • Maybe because a copper disc’s vibrations in a magnetic field minimally damped?

Answer: The creation of eddy currents opposes the oscillating motion of the copper disc, causing it to oscillate. As a result, the motion is dampened.

  • Inside a non-uniform magnetic field, a metallic wire coil remains immobile. What is the magnitude of the induced emf in the coil?

Answer: Because the magnetic flux coupled to the secondary coil does not vary, no emf is induced in the coil.

  • In the following cases, use Lenz’s law to identify the source of induced current:
    An irregularly shaped wire that transforms into a circle form.

Answer: The direction of the magnetic field emf, as per Lenz’s law, tends to create a current that opposes the change in magnetic flux that caused it. Since the wire is extending to create a circle, the magnetism is exerting force outwards on each section of the wire. Furthermore, the direction of the induced flow will be such that it produces an upward magnetic field. As a result, the stress on the wire would be inward, causing induced power to pass in an anticlockwise direction in the loop. Deforming a circular loop into a thin straight wire. The flux penetrating the surface diminishes as a circular loop is deformed into a narrow straight wire. As a result, the induced current follows Lenz’s law and flows along.

  • How can you tell the difference between resistance, reactance, as well as impedance in an a.c electrical circuit?

Answer: They can be classified as follows:
The resistor opposes the passage of electricity by providing resistance. It is unaffected by the source’s frequency.
Inductor and capacitor reactance is the resistance to current flow given by the inductance or capacitor. It is dependent on the outlet’s frequency.
Impedance: The opposition is provided by a resistance, inductance, or capacitance in combination. It is dependent on the source’s frequency.

  • A metal rod PQ is placed between both the poles of a permanent magnet and rests on smooth rails AB. The magnetic field, the rails, and the rod are all perpendicular to each other. Throughout a switch K, a galvanometer G links the rails. Rod length is 15cm, B is 0.50T, and the resistivity of the closed loop holding the rod is 9.0m. Suppose that the playing field is equal. When K is open, does an extra charge build up at the rod ends? What happens if K isn’t open? 

Answer: Indeed, while key K is closed, the continuous flow of current can keep the extra charge going. Excessive charge builds up at both rod ends when key K is open, however when key K is closed, excess charge is retained by the continual flow of current. Even if the electrons in the rod PQ feel magnetic force owing to the rod’s motion, there is no net force on them with K open as well as the rod moving evenly. The electric force created by the surplus charge of opposing nature at both rod ends cancels out the magnetic force. Whenever key K is open and the rod travels equally, there is no net force on the electrons in rod PQ. Due to the obvious excess charge of opposing nature at it from both extremities of the rods, the magnetic force is neutralised by the electric force setup.

Now, can you solve this question:

A Sinusoidal voltage V = 200 sin 314 t r is applied to a resistor of 10 ohm. Calculate :

  • rms value of voltage
  • rms current
  • power dissipated as heat.
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Why do people seek government jobs in India?



government jobs

After the advent of COVID-19, the private sector has faced a lot of difficulties. Some of the firms in the private sector have to cut their staff to save the salary. The workers in the private sector have faced a lot of struggle after the outburst of this pandemic. On the other hand, the employees spend their whole time at home and still eat the fruits of the full salary. This might sound quite satisfactory to you. However, this becomes the prime reason why most of the students are truly crazy about securing a prominent position in the government sector. Lakhs of students every year appear for a wide variety of government jobs. However, the reality is that only a few of them are able to qualify for the exam.

There are times when most of the students dream about working for multinational companies. However, the whole trend has just shifted and now they are devotedly crazy about entering in the government sector. Try to attend a wide range of coaching classes. Take private tuition in the hope of clearing the government exam without much struggle. There is no denying the fact that the government sector has a lot of scope for all of them who are devotedly looking for stability features in any type of job. The prime reason for running after the government job is that it usually offers great perks with great job security. If you are truly working hard to qualify for the banking exam. Then without any doubt link with the best platform offering authentic bank coaching in Delhi

Here are few benefits that will highly motivate you to prepare devotedly for the government exams: 

We understand the fact that the government exam might seem quite tough. However, the continuous failure is making you depressed. The below-mentioned benefits can easily help you regain your motivation in a prominent manner. 

  • Lifelong Pension 

This is one such perk that highly motivates most of the students to consider working hard for the government exam. One of the best things about the government job is that it provides a lifelong pension after the employee opts for retirement. This becomes the crucial reason why all the budding youth in India prefer being employed in the government sector. There is no two way in stating that for the rest of the future your entire life is insured. You truly do not require any other kind of insurance plan if you get the pension on the regular basis. After you have completed the duration of your job then you really don’t have to worry that you have to work anywhere else. 

Pension is basically a respect for the government employee that they have invested their valuable time with great devotion. There are certain types of times after which you can easily become eligible to receive the pension. If you think that you can become eligible after joining a government job. Then you are absolutely wrong. If cracking the SSC exam is your whole sole aim then without further ado link with the best platform offering transparent SSC coaching in Delhi.

  • Quite less workload 

If you are working in the private sector then you would know that in the private sector you will only receive payment when you work. It is quite evident that the workload in the private company is so much that most of the employees have to work 9 to 10 hours. Moreover, your every activity is devotedly monitored by your manager and if your performance is not satisfactory. Then it will lead to the deduction of marks. On the other hand in the government job, once you secure a position in the government sector then no one can fire you. 

The best thing about the government sector is that the workload in a government job is quite negligible. Moreover, you really enjoy the work environment. In a private job, you have to pass the regular test to remain in the position. However, in the government sector, you don’t need to give any type of exam. You can easily enjoy the position without any struggle. For more information on cracking the banking exam, you can constructively search for the best platform offering reliable bank coaching in Delhi. 

  • Secured monthly salary 

At the time of the pandemic, most of the MNCs are either firing the employees or laying off for a certain period of time. Even the most versatile private companies also can’t provide full job security. However, if you go for a government job, Then your salary is fixed and you don’t have to worry about your job. The stents think that they can work hard for 3 to 4 years. Then when they achieve a government job then they can eat the ripe fruit in a most comfortable manner.

So, if you also score and think that a government job is your whole sole aim. Then leave all your work aside and consider a reliable platform that can help you crack the exam in a limited duration. Job security and guaranteed salary are the most prominent things that are highly attracting students to prepare for government jobs. In the private sector, you can face the problem of the deduction of salary. However, in the government sector, the salary is fully fixed. Are you burning the midnight oil to crack the  SSC exams? Then connect with the best institute offering the best SSC coaching in Delhi.

Wrapping up 

With that said, read all the above-mentioned points so that you can easily fill up your mind with great motivation. Think optimistically that you can easily crack the government job exam without much struggle.

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Few learning techniques to achieve 8+ bands in the upcoming IELTS exam



IELTS exam

It is often noticed that most of the candidates who have appeared for the IELTS exam usually complain that they were unable to achieve desired scores in the IELTS exam. They usually end up asking a wide variety of questions. They are mostly unaware of the mistakes that they are committing while writing a specific type of question. It is highly seen that they are really upon the syllabus and usually miss some of the basic points. It is not necessary that you can only prepare for the exam if you consider studying English as a language. Now after the advent of technologies, there are a wide variety of things that can majorly help them find the major gap in their preparation. 

There is no denying the fact that the IELTS is something that is very different from the common English subject. Whether it is course structure or the study material, you can easily find out that this is the test which makes you fully perfect in each part of the English. If a student scores great marks in the IELTS exam then we can proudly state that person has utmost command over the entire English language.  This blog will fully enlighten your mind with some essential things that an aspirant should know before preparing for the IELTS exam. If you think you really want full assistance from a reliable source then link with the best platform offering the best IELTS coaching in Jalandhar.

Here we have mentioned some of the splendid tips that can help you achieve good bands in the IELTS exam: 

Yet the IELTS exam is quite tough, still, you can clear it without many hurdles if you keep those tips in your mind. 

  • Try a visual learning technique 

Most of the prominent companies such as Byjus are using this technique. Because this strategy is the best one that helps most of the students grab things in a better manner. We usually capture things with just one glance. The best trick to magnify your English learning ability is to watch English movies, web series, or motion videos with English subtitles. In such a manner you will also feel more interested towards   things. However, it is often noticed that most of the students usually feel bored while reading uninteresting books. So visuals act as the magnet in grabbing the attention of most of the students. So if you think that you really want to excel in the IELTS exam then you can easily apply this technique without much struggle. There is no denying the fact that it is one of the most effective methods to magnify the vocabulary section.

After listening to English movies you will surely get familiar with the international accent. Moreover, you will get to know how they pronounce a specific type of word. For further help, you can seek assistance from the best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana. The reason why most people take the help of any type of coaching class is that these classes have professionals who have been working in the specific field for a long time. They know every major and minor thing about each and every topic of the IELTS exam. 

  • Try a kinaesthetic learning technique 

In this particular type of learning method, the student will get a paper chance to interact and then move further to learn things efficiently. Here the students have to repeat a particular type of action and activity so that they can easily learn each and everything without any hindrance. You might love playing, cooking, reading, dancing and these things can also make you learn things in a better manner. Moreover, you can also use a wide variety of acting skills to learn the English language.  If you are watching a specific type of English movie then we would highly advise you to select the dialogue of your favourite and start practising on your own.

Moreover, if you are keenly interested in debating then you can highly prepare a speech and rehearse it more and more. So that you can become highly efficient in speaking English without any hindrance. Well! We must tell you that the whole process is truly worthwhile. However to get an 8+ band score you really need to practice each and everything in a proper manner. Thus, to get good marks, surf the best IELTS classes in Jalandhar on the internet and clear all your pre-set doubts by asking the question to their counsellors. 

  • Try an auditory learning technique 

Podcasts are the best example of this particular strategy. Without any doubt, this is the best learning trick where a test taker can progressively adapt to unique things by listening to the impressive content. If you also think that you can easily learn more English from listening to the other sources. Then we would highly advise you to listen to English podcasts. They can progressively make you understand the pronunciation and vocabulary in the English language. If you want to know more things about this whole point then connect with the best IELTS Institute in Ludhiana

Summing up 

With that said, we highly motivate you to read this blog and all the above-mentioned points. By this, you will get to know where you’re lacking and how you can easily correct things in a more productive manner.

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How Your Smartphone Can Help You Prepare for Government Exams?



government exams

Smartphones are our best friends that play a significant role in our daily lives. But, smartphones are considered as an enemy for candidates preparing for government exams. It is observed that smartphones falter the focus of candidates during study hours. Believe it or not, smartphones can become your assistant and primary source of information while preparing for the exam. You just need to replace all social media apps with exam preparatory apps. It’s quite hard to shun social media. We are not telling you to leave social media for a lifetime. Just delete these apps during your preparation period. You can re-install these apps after cracking the exam. Remember, you’ll have ample time after clearing the government exam to use social media.

Smartphones are of great use for candidates preparing for SBI PO & Clerk, IBPS PO & Clerk, SSC CGL exam. Do you want to know how it can help you? Read this article to know how to use a smartphone for your betterment. If you are preparing for a government exam, take help from your smartphone to study for different subjects of the exam.

Here are some creative ways in which your smartphone can play a role of tutor:

It is advisable to turn off the notification of social media apps. These notifications can distract you and break your concentration. 

  1. Watch informative videos

Do you have a Youtube or Vimeo app on your smartphone? If yes, then use these apps for watching some informative videos. Subscribe useful channels on youtube that provide educational videos. Some educational channels upload video lectures of subjects like quants, reasoning, english and G.K. You can watch these videos at free of cost and prepare for the exam. Also, you will find many creative videos on youtube that can help you understand the concepts in a better way. On the other hand, Vimeo provides educational ad-free videos for candidates preparing for government exams.  

  1. Audio playbacks

You can download various audio playbacks of various discussions on your smartphone. There are many podcasts that are informative and can help you prepare for the government exam. So, download an ideal app for listening to audio playbacks. Do you know the benefit of these audio playbacks? You can easily juggle with other activities while listening to these audios. Isn’t it awesome? This is how your smartphone can act as a boon for you. 

  1. e-Books can help you

The best books in the world are just a click away from you. Yes, you read it right! You can easily download pdf of relevant books on your smartphone. There’s no need to own a hard copy of books. This way you can store relevant study material on your smartphone for exam preparation. Also, you will get an option to listen to these e-books. Some of the best websites to download free e-books are:

  • BookBoon
  • InternetArchive
  • Google eBookstore
  • ManyBooks
  • Amazon free kindle books
  • Open library
  • Free ebooks
  1. Exam preparation apps

In the starting of this article we talked about exam preparation apps. Now, let us discuss it in detail. There are umpteen apps in playstore that can help you prepare for the exam.  These apps can provide you study material, test series and mock tests. Also, these apps provide daily quizzes for various government exams.  Here is a list of apps that can help you prepare for the government exams:

  • Pocket aptitude
  • MakeMyExam
  • GradeUp
  • Testbook
  • Daily current affairs and G.K.
  • Bankers Adda

You can download any of the above apps to prepare for the government exam perfectly. Most of the above apps provide study material at free of cost for candidates. 

  1. Apps for making notes

Note making is important while preparing for the exams. Your smartphone can help you to make notes for every subject. These notes can help you revise various concepts during the final hours of preparation. Here is a list of apps that can help you make proper notes:

  • Evernote
  • Onenote
  • Joplin
  • Notion 
  • Zoho notebook
  • Quip 

So, download any of the above apps to make notes of different subjects. For sure, it will make your notes easy. Also, you can easily store these notes on your smartphone. 

  1. Assess yourself

You can easily appear for online mock tests with the help of your smartphone. With the help of your smartphone, you can replicate the experience of the actual exam. This way you can easily gather enough courage to appear for the actual exam. The best attribute of mock tests is that these are designed as per actual exam pattern and syllabus. Practicing mock tests can increase your chances of cracking the government exam in a single go. So, use your smartphone for your betterment and start solving mock tests with the help of your smartphone. Don’t forget to mute the notification of social media apps while solving mock tests. 

  1. Download relevant study material

You can easily download study material on your phone from various websites. However, make sure the material you are downloading is authentic and sufficient to complete the exam syllabus. So, seek help from candidates who have already cleared the government exam. 

  1. Easily attend online lectures

Some candidates join online classes to prepare for government exams. Many coaching institutes conduct online classes with the help of Zoomapp, Google meet and webinar. These apps are easily available on the app store and students can download it from there. This is how your smartphone can turn into a classroom. Note that your exam preparation can become perfect only when your smartphone is free from social media apps. Your smartphone is your worst enemy if it has social media apps. 

Are you preparing for the SSC exam? If yes, then link with an ideal source that provides SSC coaching in Chandigarh.


These are some of the ways in which your smartphone can help you prepare for the government exams. This is how you can turn a distracting gadget into a useful source that can help you crack government exams. Moreover, there are countless ways through which you can use your smartphone for exam preparation; maybe that’s why this device is called smart. So, start studying for the exam smartly with the help of this device.

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