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How Many Questions Come from Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Currents in The NEET Every Year?



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The chapter Electromagnetic induction and Alternating currents have an eight per cent weightage on the NEET exams. So, the chapter is really quite significant, so it is important that you study well for it. If you are looking for important questions, you don’t need to look that far.

Students preparing for the NEET test should study all of the major chapters of the NEET curriculum in order to achieve the best results in NEET 2020. Essential questions for NEET 2020 are one of the most dependable study materials since they cover all of the major topics in the curriculum. These significant questions are also produced by evaluating past years’ question papers and taking into account the importance of each chapter in the syllabus. Here you’ll find all of the crucial NEET physics problems from the section Electromagnetic Induction, along with their answers, so you may do better in the test.

One of the best educational academic specialists have developed these key questions based on the MCI syllabus standards. In order to improve your score, get the NEET physics- Electromagnetic Induction essential questions PDF for yourself. Let us look at some of them.

Questions & answers

  1. In a non-uniform magnetic field, a metallic wire coil remains immobile. What is the coil’s induced emf?

Answer: Since the magnetic flux coupled to the secondary coil does not vary, no emf is induced in the coil.

  • Whenever a metallic object is encircled by a coil conveying high frequency (H.F) alternating current, how does it get extremely hot?

Answer: When a metallic component is encircled by a coil carrying a high frequency (H.F) alternating current, eddy currents are formed, resulting in the joule’s heating effect.

  • Maybe because a copper disc’s vibrations in a magnetic field minimally damped?

Answer: The creation of eddy currents opposes the oscillating motion of the copper disc, causing it to oscillate. As a result, the motion is dampened.

  • Inside a non-uniform magnetic field, a metallic wire coil remains immobile. What is the magnitude of the induced emf in the coil?

Answer: Because the magnetic flux coupled to the secondary coil does not vary, no emf is induced in the coil.

  • In the following cases, use Lenz’s law to identify the source of induced current:
    An irregularly shaped wire that transforms into a circle form.

Answer: The direction of the magnetic field emf, as per Lenz’s law, tends to create a current that opposes the change in magnetic flux that caused it. Since the wire is extending to create a circle, the magnetism is exerting force outwards on each section of the wire. Furthermore, the direction of the induced flow will be such that it produces an upward magnetic field. As a result, the stress on the wire would be inward, causing induced power to pass in an anticlockwise direction in the loop. Deforming a circular loop into a thin straight wire. The flux penetrating the surface diminishes as a circular loop is deformed into a narrow straight wire. As a result, the induced current follows Lenz’s law and flows along.

  • How can you tell the difference between resistance, reactance, as well as impedance in an a.c electrical circuit?

Answer: They can be classified as follows:
The resistor opposes the passage of electricity by providing resistance. It is unaffected by the source’s frequency.
Inductor and capacitor reactance is the resistance to current flow given by the inductance or capacitor. It is dependent on the outlet’s frequency.
Impedance: The opposition is provided by a resistance, inductance, or capacitance in combination. It is dependent on the source’s frequency.

  • A metal rod PQ is placed between both the poles of a permanent magnet and rests on smooth rails AB. The magnetic field, the rails, and the rod are all perpendicular to each other. Throughout a switch K, a galvanometer G links the rails. Rod length is 15cm, B is 0.50T, and the resistivity of the closed loop holding the rod is 9.0m. Suppose that the playing field is equal. When K is open, does an extra charge build up at the rod ends? What happens if K isn’t open? 

Answer: Indeed, while key K is closed, the continuous flow of current can keep the extra charge going. Excessive charge builds up at both rod ends when key K is open, however when key K is closed, excess charge is retained by the continual flow of current. Even if the electrons in the rod PQ feel magnetic force owing to the rod’s motion, there is no net force on them with K open as well as the rod moving evenly. The electric force created by the surplus charge of opposing nature at both rod ends cancels out the magnetic force. Whenever key K is open and the rod travels equally, there is no net force on the electrons in rod PQ. Due to the obvious excess charge of opposing nature at it from both extremities of the rods, the magnetic force is neutralised by the electric force setup.

Now, can you solve this question:

A Sinusoidal voltage V = 200 sin 314 t r is applied to a resistor of 10 ohm. Calculate :

  • rms value of voltage
  • rms current
  • power dissipated as heat.
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Best Places To Sell Your Used Textbooks For Extra Cash



Untitled design 2022 10 05T051059.133

Around the completion of each and every semester, have you ended up looking at your workspace contemplating where on earth you could sell your used course readings? Indeed, you in all likelihood want to see them again.

Moreover, throwing them out is obviously wasteful. In light of everything, envision a situation where I let you in on that there are a couple of mind boggling decisions out there where you could sell course readings.

In case you’re speedy to know the best places to sell understanding material, hang tight, and could we make a plunge!

Why sell course readings?

Before we start, you may be inquiring as to why you should attempt to sell your perusing material anyway? Expecting you have a couple of books that you fortune and that will be vital for your tutoring from now on, then, certain, you could have to grip them.

Regardless, there are clearly unique course readings that have nothing to do with your major or that you understand you won’t at any point open from here onward. If you have these, selling them will bring many benefits. Coming up next are several conspicuous inspirations driving why you should sell your course books:

Offer your course readings to clean up

Books consume room, and they gather dust easily. If you’re expecting to have a more open living locale, offer your course readings to tidy up your home.

Besides, accepting you’ve anytime expected to move, you’ll likely understand that books are upsetting to make due. But on the off chance that you’re a weightlifter, you’ve probably noticed books to be a lot of an activity come moving time. So why not sell them?

Offer your course readings to support your bank account

It never harms to have more cash in your monetary arrangement. Ever. Selling your course readings can be an unprecedented strategy for accomplishing this. Not solely might you at any point get the books heavily influenced by someone else who needs it, but you’ll in like manner have the choice to give a little lift to your speculation account.

Offer reading material for additional assets to take care of obligation

Settling commitment, if you have any, should continually be a first worry concerning your financial prosperity. Doing as such with a subsequent work pay will loosen up you past the game rapidly.

Any continuous dollars you use to deal with your commitment by and by will save you a ton of money in future premium expenses. While cash from selling your course books most likely will not seem like an extraordinary arrangement direct, it can doubtlessly help with covering multi month to month credit portions.

Offer utilized course books to purchase new ones

If you really have two or three extra semesters before graduation, you could have to offer used course readings to buy new ones. Notwithstanding the way that this is a sharp money related decision, yet it moreover saves you from using any through and through merited dollars that could be spent on other huge pursuits.

3 Methods for selling your reading material

There are two or three different ways you can sell your course books for some extra cash. Here are the 3 least requesting approaches to selling course readings:

1. Sell course readings back to the school book shop

One of the most un-requesting and speediest ways is to sell your course readings back to the textbook shop. (If that is where you got them from.) This can be a speedy strategy for getting cash for your books, regardless, you probably will not get repaid however much as could reasonably be expected thusly.

2. Sell your reading material face to face

You could offer your perusing material to various students, thrift shop, or on areas like Craigslist, Letgo, and OfferUp. One benefit to offering eye to eye is you don’t pay conveyance and charges.

3. Sell reading material on the web

You will probably make the most by selling course books on the web. There are numerous objections where you can show them accessible to be bought yourself, or proposition them to the web based stage for cash.

That being expressed, could we dive into our summary of the best puts to sell your course books on the web and eye to eye underneath.

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What Does A School Records Management System Entail?



pexels photo 864994

Undoubtedly, one of the most laborious and time-consuming responsibilities for a school’s administration is keeping records. However, this does not lessen the significance records carry for the school’s overall development. Therefore, you have two options: either use resources to keep tonnes of paperwork and data or automate the process.

A records management system (RMS) monitors and manages records for an organization across the records-life cycle. The management’s tasks include effectively and systematically overseeing the development, upkeep, and destruction of documents and related commercial transactions. Record management raises the value of an organization’s information assets and is a crucial element of operational efficiency.

Elements Of A Student Records Management System

  • Easy Report Generation– The RMS makes it simple to produce reports in the necessary formats.
  • Role-Based Access– Teachers, students, and parents can access the program according to their roles.
  • Attendance Management– Teachers can use this module to record and view each student’s attendance. They may even inform a student’s parents about their attendance status via the system. The complete attendance records of the workers are also kept on file.
  • Admission Management– Every step of the admissions process, including filling out online forms, submitting fees, batch allotment, and submitting documents, is streamlined and automated by the admission management system. It facilitates accurate and speedy student data collection.
  • Fee Management– It assists you in handling all of the responsibilities associated with managing fees, including accepting payments, maintaining fee records, preserving receipts, managing dues and refunds, and more. You may also design the school’s tuition cycle using this tool.

Benefits of RMS

Evaluate Students’ Performance

 In an academic setting, assessing pupils’ performance and development is crucial. This study serves as a surface for future educational plans. It reflects how much your pupils benefit from them because the primary goal of any school should be to assist students in learning and growing. RMS records all things under one umbrella. 

Eliminate The Hassle of Paperwork

Schools’ administrative teams are frequently juggling papers and keeping track of folders full of documentation. Even a single lost piece of paper might cause chaos inside the department. Your employees may save a large amount of data online thanks to the school record management system, which eliminates inconvenience.

Streamline School’s Operations

In a school, there are several operational facets. Most of the typical operating divisions that most schools have are admission, finances, human resources, discipline boards, exams, and attendance and leave management. All operations departments are streamlined by a school record management system, which unifies all records under one roof. The procedure is facilitated by the fees management system‘s collaboration with RMS.

To Stay Organized and Save Time

Now, segmenting various papers and information is an issue that most schools encounter. The chores above will be a rollercoaster because of the mountains of paper that contain documents and records. But with the right software, you can complete any task with ease. The automation program centrally arranges the data in practical ways.


The education system has always included student records as a crucial component. The schools adopting data-driven initiatives perform better in academic and extracurricular activities, from admission to evaluations. Additionally, the value of student data extends beyond academics; a robust record management system also increases your return on investment.

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Five Fun Things You Can Do in University While Having to Stay Inside




There are always times in life when things don’t go as expected. You even have times when you are just forced to stay inside — from an extreme blizzard to dodging germs while part of a pandemic. The same is true at university. 

You might think this sounds extremely boring, but it is a great time to investigate things you never have before — everything from ordering takeout from a brand new restaurant to making some new friends to trying a new essay writing service for that project you just can’t get done. Let’s check out five of the most fun things you can do at university while having to stay inside.

1. Order Takeout From a New Restaurant 

If you can’t get out to the new food, then let it come to you. This might be a great thing to try with friends to lower costs and add more variety to your order as well. 

Find that friend who knows all the trendy places and choose a restaurant no one has ever tried before. Hopefully it will be a yummy surprise and not the same old pizza! 

2. Make Some New Friends

Oftentimes, the truth is that you hang out with people who are exactly like you. Try something different. 

Make a friend with the person in the room who seems most unlike you. You will find that you have more in common than you ever imagined. 

In fact, sometimes you find that you learn more from people who are different from you than those who are just like you. People who think differently help you observe things in different ways. The result is learning something new!

3. Take Some New Steps to Get That Schoolwork Done

Part of university is experimenting with ways to learn to find out what is most effective for you. You might try a paper calendar or an electronic one. You might find a writing tutor or an essay writing service. You might stay up late to study or you might get up early. Try lots of things so you can find out what works best for you. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment and don’t ever let fear hold you back from trying new things!

4. Watch a Movie You Have Always Wanted to See

You always see movie trailers that look great, but you never have time to watch them. Now would be a great time! 

With so many streaming services, you are bound to find one that shows it already for the subscription price you normally pay. Gather with friends and have them all write a movie’s name on a piece of paper, then agree to watch the movie that is pulled out of a hat. 

5. Try Some New Music

If you use a streaming service, just click on the option for new music or top music. You are bound to find something unexpected that you truly like.

Remember to try something new to make the most of university. You will be so glad that you did!

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