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Different Ways to Protect Your Horse Legs



Horse Legs

While it’s important to sort out gears and equipment for yourself during horseback riding sessions, it’s also important to spend a few worthy pennies on your horse’s safety and comfort. As an equestrian, you’re no doubt bound to have a deep care for your horse’s safety. 

Leg injuries are the most common type of injury a horse often faces during the rides. Certain types of boots and leg wraps are important for a sports equine. Therefore, it is important to ensure to choose proper protection in order to minimize or avoid such injuries as a whole. Alongside protecting the legs, it also helps support joints and controls swellings. Keep reading as we talk about the different types of safety gears available for your equine’s leg. 

Splint Boots

As per its name, a splint boot is used to protect a horse from gaining any form of splints. They avoid your horse’s legs from knocking into each other and are known to be one of the simplest forms of protection for a horse’s legs. It avoids your horse from receiving any hard impacts or tendon stress. Make sure that while putting on the splint boots on your horse; it’s not too tight on them causing them discomfort.

Polo Wraps

Polo wraps are not only slightly stretchy but are also made of fleece. They are known to be the only kind of protection that provide that provides support to the horse’s tendons while also protecting its leg at the very same time. Although not commonly used now, such wraps is most suitable for young horses that are learning to gain control of their bodies.  

Bell Boots

These horse boots are known to protect the heel and bulb of the horse’s frontal area on the leg. While some of the bell boots are made of soft materials that are strong enough to provide the necessary protection, the other are made of rubber, which is more purposeful for work than sports. 

Open-front Boots

Being another form of sport boot, these boots are used for horse that conducts over the fence activities as it helps avoid knocking over a rail alongside providing the necessary protection. While the Velcro ones are known to be used for practices, the leather open-front boots are used during competitions. 

Stable Wraps

Stable wraps is a commonly used choice amongst many. Although made of either cotton or neoprene materials, stable wraps have a quit padding on the inside. These wraps help maintain the swelling in the equine’s legs. However, this particular type of protection is used on horses that have already attained a form of injury or stress on its legs. 

Horse Knee Boots

Aside for the heel or hock of the horse, the knees are equally prone to injury. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have a horse knee booth which gives the horse a sense of stability as well as protection. Certain such boots also promote a healthy flow of blood through the horse. 

Let us know which boot or wrap you prefer! 

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