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5 Common Video Editing Mistakes You Need to Avoid



Video Editing Mistakes

You can be a guru in video editing but there are some silly mistakes you can make without knowing that can have a negative impact on the performance of your YouTube videos.  It is important that you know of some common mistakes people make when editing their videos so that you can avoid them and be sure of have performing videos. 

Here are some of the most common video editing mistakes you need to avoid 

Not Having a Good Story 

Story will always be king.  You will want to have a story line on your YouTube videos that pulls viewers right from the beginning forcing them to watch the videos all the way to the end.  Ensure the story line is not that complex that viewers will find hard to understand. 

Ensure your story flows from the start to the finish.  For example, deciding to toss a glitch transition when the wedding ceremony is going on will never play right and will take the viewer out. 

Having Lots of Footage 

When shooting, it is of great importance that you take lots of takes and variations of shots.  This will be of great importance when editing.  However, this should not be an excuse of using lots of footages and options just because you have them. In case you do have lots of footages and you force yourself to use it all, you will end up making long videos that can turn of the viewers. 

Wrong Audio 

When you have a wrong audio, even the most beautiful YouTube video will not perform well.  Audio plays an important role in ensuring the video is successful.  Can you imagine watching a great video with unintelligible or crackly audio?  You can easily get pissed off.  

It is important that you learn how to apply basic EQ’s to help bring the best of the audio. 

Out of Place Transitions 

Transitions will always apply some little bit of fun to the video.  No one will want to have a fancy whip pan or effect transition on the edits. The transitions have to make some sense.  Good transitions should never be noticeable.  The transitions need to be a natural shift to the next clip. 

Wrong Type of Music 

There are situations when the YouTube video is of great quality but the type of music used is completely wrong.  It is a good practice to use music that goes well with the video story and fits the theme well.  Music and songs need to match the clip tone.  For instance, using a heavy metal song at the calm beach shot will not make any sense. 

Most of the professional video editors are aware of these common video editing mistakes and will always avoid them. That is why when you want to hire YouTube video editor you are advised to hire a professional and experienced editor who has been in the industry for some time since they are aware of mistakes to avoid. 

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